Walnut Tree


Meng Zhang




Embroidery and Fabric


52 x 52 cm each


Not For Sale

Meng Zhang is an emerging artist, born in Inner Mongolia, China. She began studying in Adelaide in 2010. She is an observer and recorder, using different ways to record what she has observed in daily life. Meng is fascinated by recording the unexpected, unintended and something said by the material. To observe, to record, to reflect, to consider retrospectively and then to save the unintended and improvised, to save voice from materials and to save the details of daily life. Meng broad-ranging practice involves printmaking, photography, video, drawing, sculptural and installation.


“During COVID 19, as the inability to move, it allowed me to establish intimate feeling with the surroundings. Through observation and recording, I tried to slow down and to reconnect with the soil, with the space and time. The work made by series observations of my backyard walnut tree. The walnut tree growth and fruits. The parrot came to taste the walnut. Then everything falls. I grow up in a rural society which is a society without a written language. The influence from rural society imprinted in my mind and rooted in my blood. The work is my poem, written by fabric and thread.”