Walaay, Nundle Creek


Debbie Taylor-Worley




Canvas, pigment, charcoal, metallic thread, recycled timber


80 x 120cm

In recognition of her heritage, Debbie Taylor-Worley created site-specific earth and water-based artworks while spending precious time upon her ancestral Gamilaraay lands; at places such as Mehi River, Yarrie Lake, Nundle Creek and the confluence of the Barwon and Namoi Rivers. At each site, the canvas was washed in the waterways, then laid on the surrounding ground. Earth or ochre from the region was then applied, allowing it to fill the micro terrain of the canvas. An aged tree at each site was frottaged onto pigment infused canvas using charcoal harvested from recent bushfires. The use of the waterways to prepare the canvasses refers to the yinarr responsibility to protect the water, the colonisers’ reliance on it, and the memory of place and people.