The Migrated Words

by Abrahim Mohammadi

Presented by Nexus Arts

The Migrated Words

by Abrahim Mohammadi

Presented by Nexus Arts

About the Exhibition

This exhibition from emerging artist Abrahim Mohammadi explores the plight of the Hazara community of Afghanistan and Pakistan, who comprise one of the biggest communities of forced migrants in the world.

Drawing on his background in Mughul painting techniques, Mohammadi works to contemporise them and cast them in a new light.

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Nexus Arts Gallery, Lion Arts Centre, corner Morphett Street and North Terrace, Adelaide 5000

Artist Statement

Farsi is the primary language I speak in my family environment, and I spent most of my life in Pakistan. Thus, the inspirations of Farsi text and Western art exist in my work. My work focuses on the contemporary trend of Eastern Mughal art, Farsi text/calligraphy, and research on the Hazara community of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Hazara people comprise one of the largest forced migrant communities caused by ongoing targeted attacks and genocide due to ethnic, religious beliefs, and political fights.

In The Migrated Words series, I use text and calligraphy in a distinctive way where words are cut and incomplete. The work is inspired by watching birds flying away in different directions when they are in dangerous situations. The Migrated Words series is inspired by my childhood memories of trying to catch birds; as soon as I reached closer to those, birds would fly away as they do the same in any dangerous situation. Later in my late teens, I witnessed targeted killing and a suicide attacks in Quetta, Pakistan, where the Hazara people were targeted and randomly killed.  In both incidents, as soon as the bomb goes off or during the targeted attack, people would run away in different directions the same as birds that would fly away to save themselves. I was lucky to survive, but a number of my friends and people did not. Those horrifying moments still come back to my mind like a nightmare. In this series of paintings, words and letters are also running and flying away in different ways.

Farsi calligraphy is the simile of the Hazara community in my work. The concept of uncertain directions conveys the past and current forced migration of many Hazaras fleeing their homelands to all around the world like the migrated birds that migrate to different geographical locations for finding shelters for staying.

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About the Artist

Abrahim Mohammadi

Artist Biography

Abrahim Mohammadi is an emerging artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. He primarily works in painting and drawing, exploring themes of migration, exile, and social injustice.

In March 2019, Abrahim moved to Australia as a refugee from Pakistan, and currently studies a Bachelor of Contemporary Art at the University of South Australia (UniSA). Abrahim received formal training in traditional Mughal miniature painting in Pakistan. Abrahim has exhibited in number of group exhibitions in Quetta. His recent works are focused on the contemporary trends within Eastern art.


Nexus Arts acknowledges Kaurna people as the owners of the land where we live, learn, and work. We respect their culture and elders and acknowledge their sovereignty was never ceded. We recognise that visual arts, music and storytelling have been central to Aboriginal cultures for over 60,000 years. We work to support this lineage.

It has been an extraordinary privilege watching this exhibition come together. Abrahim was selected as our studio resident in late 2020 by a panel of South Australian industry experts connected with Nexus Arts. In a highly competitive round, Abrahim's work stood out as both visually and conceptually resolved. It comes as no surprise to us therefore, that he has produced this series of movingly beautiful works. We were less prepared for the fact that this artist has such an extraordinary work ethic. Throughout his residency, we saw Abrahim virtually everyday, working diligently to develop his practice. With his skill, dedication and incredible eye, Abrahim Mohammadi is an artist to watch and we're thrilled to be able to share this exhibition with you, our viewer.

Nexus Arts thanks our staff for their enthusiastic and dedicated work in making this exhibition possible. We also sincerely thank the Government of South Australian through the Department of Premier and Cabinet for their ongoing support of Nexus Arts and for the support that we received through the Recovery Fund which has made it possible to continue our digital gallery in 2021.

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