Space Horse


Bin Bai




Reflective tapes, printing paper and acrylic paint on canvas


365 x 137 cm



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Space Horse was created with the mixed medium of reflective tapes, printing paper and acrylic paints on canvas. Due to the concept of this work and the reflective materials applied, an alternative and better way of viewing this work could be using a phone camera with flash light on or light up a torch in a dark environment. In regard to the East Wind exhibition at Nexus, this work was a response to one of the questions on how the artist looks at the still ongoing Covid 19 pandemic that was first discovered at the end of 2019. Since then the human beings as whole have found themselves living in an ever perilous age and were overwhelmed by all sorts of uncertainties and panics. Near 3 million souls so far were lost in this wide spread disease. This work is dedicated to the people died of this disease. The conceptual formation is based on the Tibetan archaic beliefs that after people past away, their souls will be carried by the horse to the peaceful realm and protected by the four majestical creatures. The philosophical interpretation of the iconography tells that the horse represents the space. The four other animals represent four basic elements in the space, tiger representing the Wind, eagle owl representing the Fire, serpent representing the Water and snow lion representing the Earth. These basic elements are vital for the survival of those who are alive, and therefore still are the best symbolic offerings for the deceased, whose wondering souls need our solace and commemoration.