Tor Maclean




Single channel video capturing a handmade projection, 52 seconds

September is a short observational video in an ongoing series of works that aim to capture moments of light and time. The videos are made using small ad hoc assemblages of paper, foil and lenses that focus the light that streams through a window at certain times of day. The videos are intended as an expansion of my drawing practice and are small gestural, almost painterly observations. The crude way in which the videos are made, the lack of editing and rough sounds of movement in the video are kept as a kind of truth to that moment.

Much of my practice centres around notions of active stillness; the idea that world around us operates at a pace different to human perception. My artworks aim to translate this pace, requiring a slowing down or intuitive response. Paper and foil are propped up in unusual corners of my house and using different lenses, small projections are made and then filmed to capture reflections of the outside world streaming in.