Relatives Across

My stay in Adelaide made me think about how connected the universe is. How it’s all scripted and beyond our control, but also how everyone is out there searching for their destiny and purpose in life. I like to think that everything is because it’s meant to be that way. Everyone has a role they play in another human’s life, either directly or passively. It’s a master-servant circle, where everyone is serving another, provided you look at it from all the available angles.

This portrait of a Haitian lady brings back these feelings of service to the world. Even though I’d like to think her true roots are in Africa, from where she and her ancestors moved unwillingly, my current understanding of our world convinces me that she’s serving the world as she’s meant to serve: that things are exactly as they are meant to be. She is blessing that part of the world with her gifts, simply because life is scripted that way.

 - The.Wamala


Wamala Kyeyune Joseph




Acrylic on Canvas


100 x 77 cm


$2000 AUD

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