Our Essence

This triptych is a collaborative work by Wamala and the Kenyan street artist Chela.

Nancy ‘Chela’ Chelagat Cherwon is one of Kenya’s few female street artists. Despite resistance from her family in the early days, she now earns a living from her skills and continues to trailblaze Nairobi’s arts scene with a mission. Her work is inspired by the spirit of Africanism and by people of African origin and nature. She mostly depicts women in her art pieces, as well a celebration of motherhood. For Chela, women have the power to bring forth life.

Wamala met Chela as part of the 2020 Sanaa Festival, where she was a featured artist. The two worked on these pieces collaboratively during the Festival in February, in the Nexus studio.


Wamala Kyeyune Joseph & Chela




Acrylic on canvas


25 x 25 cm


$200 AUD each

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