Mixed Race Sweater

With this work I hope to touch on the complexity of being a biracial Australian by exploring issues of belonging, otherness, and the feelings of being caught in-between cultures that second and third generation immigrants can experience. The front is knitted in the colours of the Australian flag, while the back features the South Vietnamese flag colours. It showcases a collection of the questions and comments I occasionally get asked about my racial appearance. Other people’s curiosity sometimes leads me to reflect on these questions myself. What indeed am I? Am I Vietnamese? Am I Australian? Am I both? Neither? I aim to examine my own racial identity more closely, as well as explore how my identity and sense of belonging may be reflective of larger cultural anxieties within Australia.

 - Makeda Duong


Makeda Duong




hand knitted merino wool


dimensions variable


$850 AUD

If you are interested in buying this artwork, please contact us at info@nexusarts.org.au or via the contact form on this website.