This work is loosely based on another drawing I produced when I was in an elevated bipolar mood. I occasionally experience a lesser version of mania known as hypomania. Having an excess in positive mood is not generally associated with mental illness, and as a result some individuals struggle to reach a proper diagnosis, or to become aware that what they are experiencing can be damaging to them. Symptoms can include feelings of euphoria, increased confidence, racing thoughts, and an increase in creativity, ideas and motivation. The eye stands as a symbol for insomnia, while the body of the piece mimics the internal structure of the clitoris. My first name is occasionally mistaken for ‘Makita’, which also happens to be the name of a popular brand of power tools. I feel it is almost a suitable name for the hyperactive alter-ego that sometimes takes over me in the midst of an episode. ‘Oh, Makita, like the drill?’

 - Makeda Duong


Makeda Duong




paper mache, sequins, epoxy


22.5cm x 24cm x 7cm


$789 AUD

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