We would like to invite you to contribute digitally to this mabati. Use your favourite drawing app (Notes, Sketches, Canvas, etc), save your work, and then post in the comments below using the attachment button. You can leave your name, or remain anonymous. Once a week during the exhibition period we will upload the images onto the corrugated iron picture above, and our collective communal artwork will grow with your messages. We’d appreciate you keeping it clean, but we’d also invite you to express yourself perhaps with some of the frustrations of this shuttered world, or a message of hope and strength for your community.


The corrugated iron sheets, called "mabati" in the Ugandan local language Luganda, are generally used as roofing and shelter. All my artworks presented in this exhibition are characterized by corrugated iron sheets suggested in their backgrounds. These mainly symbolize barriers that surround our life’s journey to self-actualization: the huddles from which we all come skipping, failing, and learning. I also use these iron sheets to illustrate another of their uses in my home: how people hide what they are physically constructing by fencing themselves behind them, and people on the outside turn these iron fences into walls of expression by writing, spraying, drawing and advertising on this “platform”. Messages written here are mostly brutal statements: slangs, warnings, outcries and threats. They represent society's renegades, in a place where freedom of speech could get you jailed or killed moments after speaking freely.

In this “mabati”, viewers are invited to contribute digitally to the wall using the online artwork portal, and to share their own messages: be they of distress, of protest, or of hope.

 - The.Wamala


Wamala Kyeyune Joseph




Corrugated sheets / mabati and Acrylic


Not for sale

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