Layered space


Seiichi Kobayashi




Moving images and sound


Dimensions variable


Not For Sale

“This pandemic of Covid-19 gave me a chance to explore new fields of art making. Under the lockdown, I couldn’t access to my studio for several months. I decided to create something that can be appreciated on a digital screen with computer, instead of making images on a large canvas with paints. Creative coding invented a new process of creating an image. Without depicting visible elements of real objects, it allows us to make complex visual effects that cannot be created in analog manipulation techniques.


My works revitalised the ideas of the Rinpa school, which is one of the Japanese traditional painting schools and whose style was established in the 17th century during the Edo period. I believe their works reflect Japanese notions towards nature and life as an image in the most sophisticated manner. Their works feature a lot of negative spaces and are compositionally highly controlled and decorative. The brush strokes are fast and rough, which creates beauty from imperfection in their images.”