Isolation: Kuang's Tile Chair


Jonathan Kim




Real-time streaming video footage being transmitted from Fang-Yi Kuang’s studio in China


Dimensions variable



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The unexpected international crisis is affecting all areas of politics, society and the economy. The arts industry has also become unable to move between countries, making it near-impossible to exhibit or perform in other regions. Kim asked what kind of exhibition form would be needed to address this time of enforced separation and how such a concept could correspond to his existing art concept of placing importance on spatiality and place. As a result, Kim explores digital media possibilities as a substitute for physical exchange in the COVID-19 era and developing new models of multi-national artistic creation as attempting to integrate distant exhibition spaces.


‘Isolation’ was a part of the comprehensive long-term project for a wide variety of digital technologies and the first case of applying Kim’s art concept to a digital format. Since Kim’s existing art practice had roots in Lee Ufan’s theory and phenomenology, Kim has examined his experience of actual objects or materials as a media rather than digital media. However, Kim began to think that the spatiality and placeness discussed as a phenomenological experience in his research can be transmitted through digital media through the project during COVID-19. Integrating and expanding two different exhibition spaces might be a continuation of Kim’s existing artistic concepts in that they seek to perceive ‘spatiality’ through the expansion of placeness by digital media, rather than advocating digital art.


In this practice, using streaming technology to connect the two spaces will be an opportunity to evaluate the possibilities and methodologies of real-time streaming technology and lay the foundation of future physical exchanges by continuing interaction through digital technology in an era of separation.