Hidden Edge


Fang-Yi Kuang




Oxygen and plastic


Dimensions variable



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“On the 16th of January 2020, my mother and I was fortunate to return to China three days before the outbreak of Coronavirus. This epidemic has brought the entire society into a drastic change physically, mentally and virtually. It accelerated the dependence of obtaining information through network, we result with overloaded information unable to process.


The form of this exhibition is quite different. It breaks through the fixed scope of exhibition and creates a wider scope of exhibition space through the way of information and logistics transmission, forming an invisible span, allowing the works and the audience to approach different senses, leading on the discussion on distance between the works and the audience through three layers of different forms (interaction, reaction, and coexistence). I intend to discuss the current social phenomenon through the works, and introduce the other side of the dialogue into the exhibition hall, so as to create a new rendezvous space.”