The following poem by Tailor Winston is included here as it directly connects to the artwork shown above. All poems across the exhibition are taken from Tailor’s collection of spoken word and written pieces from recent years of performance artworks, and are reproduced courtesy of the artist.


I have died and been reborn a multitude of times within my life span.
It never gets easier, with time and with practice
I still find myself fighting.
Kicking and screaming all the way.
Never knowing how, and when to let go.

Like the new born being expelled from the womb.
Sometimes with force
Sometimes in flow

Endings, matter not, and I cannot distinguish the difference;
The mirage of time from hours to days to weeks to years
Provide me the same amount of anguish and loss

Both Father time and Lady death are friends and illusions to me all the same

My infinite parents
Faithful companions, that travel with me always
They offer me omnipresence
I offer myself to them
Humbly... In surrender
I become.

heart of nature 2

The Australian Fairy Tern is a vulnerable species of sea bird native to the southern-west Pacific. A fleeting final moment encapsulated in time that has been organically preserved by the heat of the summer sun and the salty embrace of the oceanic winds and earth. A local predator, likely a fox, has left the wings in their found resting place, on the sandhills of Semaphore. The story of the Fairy Tern lives on, in life and death, its last breath and song go on to join the eternal chorus to sing along with the great heart of nature. It is a perfect metaphor for life/death/life transformation cycles, finding beauty and purpose in the discarded and dead. I am in gratitude and thanks for this creature’s collaboration and contribution to this piece.

 - Tailor Winston


Tailor Winston




Fairy tern, beeswax, epoxy resin, ink, acrylic paint


dimensions variable


$750 AUD

If you are interested in buying this artwork, please contact us at or via the Contact form on this website.