How does one respond to a global pandemic? I had been casting my hands and fingers in plaster since February this year, without much of a concrete aim behind what I was making. When Covid-19 became an international emergency, I suddenly realised what I wanted to use them for. Suddenly we all became anxious and hypervigilant about what we were doing with our hands and faces, and actions that were previously mundane took on the potential to be deadly. On the cloth, I have embroidered small tid-bits I’ve observed specific to coronavirus, including Scott Morrison’s public reprimand of Australia’s hoarding frenzy, and a segment of American rapper Cardi B’s ‘Coronavirus Rant’ on YouTube, which went viral online and was remixed into a popular piece of music. I am awed by not only the resourcefulness and tenacity that ordinary people have shown in the wake of this disruption, but also the ways in which humour is continually used as a tool to cope with this frightening and sometimes bizarre crisis that has been thrust upon us.

 - Makeda Duong


Makeda Duong




plaster, found vintage cloth, cotton embroidery


50cm x 34cm x 14cm


$700 AUD  for full set. For individual pieces, please enquire.

If you are interested in buying this artwork, please contact us at or via the contact form on this website.