Climate [un]controlled


Janine Mackintosh




Burnt air conditioning vent and plants from the fireground





On January 3, 2020 Kangaroo Island was transformed in a single day from a beautiful wilderness haven–one of Australia’s most precious biodiversity hotspots–into a hellish apocalyptic inferno, a terrifying example of the human-induced Pyrocene, the new age of wildfires. Half the island was incinerated. A week later I braced myself to enter the 210,000 hectare fireground; the shock and grief felt like walking into a funeral home to view a loved one. The burn was too fast, too vast and too hot. Life returns but this unfathomably complex ecological realm has been simplified; our confidence to live safely has been shattered; and our Federal government still refuses to take the required action to reduce the impact of climate change.
“Australia’s per capita CO2 emissions are among world’s highest. On a per capita basis, Australia’s carbon footprint, including exports, is nine times higher than China’s, four times that of the US, and 37 times that of India.”