The following poem by Tailor Winston is included here as it directly connects to the artwork shown above. All poems across the exhibition are taken from Tailor’s collection of spoken word and written pieces from recent years of performance artworks, and are reproduced courtesy of the artist.


Disjointed flesh tree
Cut into rounds and hung in a frame
Could you guess my number of year s
By the hallowed rings
I wear round my fingers
I wear around my eyes
Like the circular of insides branches
That weigh down heavy
With too much of whatever it was
That made the boughs creak and groan.
After they have been cut to pieces
And removed from themselves
Could you still recognise
That I was once living
When now all I know is death

bees, blood and bone

As a society that is heavily influenced by visual aesthetic and commodity culture, the multiple eyes are an ongoing presence that feature within my practice. They seek to urge the viewer to look in different ways: ‘to see with many eyes to is to gain multiple perspectives.’ This philosophy can be directed inward on a micro level, reflective of the self, or amplified outward extending into the immediate community and beyond. There is a strong emphasis on experiencing and contemplating worlds within worlds. As result, looking through the lens of the other or another is an invitation to experience perspective in different and vicarious ways. It invites the presence of a dialogue and exchange to further develop opportunities for rapport. This landscape opens pathways to fertile possibilities of growth and newness, organically evolving from feelings that invoke commonality, empathy, and compassion.

 - Tailor Winston


Tailor Winston




red gum, epoxy resin, human hair, bees wax, ink, varnish, blood