The following poem by Tailor Winston is included here as it directly connects to the artwork shown above. All poems across the exhibition are taken from Tailor’s collection of spoken word and written pieces from recent years of performance artworks, and are reproduced courtesy of the artist.


There is the notion that being woman is to only be life
Be only giving, abundant and to nurture
But woman is nature
Nature is-
Death. destruction. chaos.
From chaos, creation is born

Once again, she is life

bee. the wood speaks to me (conversations with a tree)

This was my first collaboration of this type with the natural world. I let the wood speak to me and quietly in my reflection, within the deep cracks, broken lines like miniature chasms had revealed that the spirit that lives within takes the form of a bee.

I believe this once proud and sturdy presence, deeply rooted into our Earth, was home to thousands of bees amongst other fauna. Over many seasons the gusty wind would travel, easy and free; would breeze by and whisper passing stories collected in its travels, and it would sing sweetly into the leaves and the bees would hum to collaborate and together sing up sweet symphonies.

What stories does this piece sing to you?

 - Tailor Winston


Tailor Winston




red gum, epoxy resin, human hair, red gum, citrine


dimensions variable


$1200 AUD

If you are interested in buying this artwork, please contact us at or via the Contact form on this website.