Be better not bitter


Truc Truong




Wax, packing tape


Various sizes


Single $80, Double $160, Triple $240

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“During COVID-19, I found my practice thrown into confusion over what to make and how to make, confided by government restrictions, and a lack of resources, I was continually thinking of what it meant for the future of artists and how I would adapt. I had to make-do with what was available.


My grandparents on my dad’s side raised 15 of their kids in Long Thanh Vietnam, and my grandparents on my mum’s side raised 9 of their kids in Saigon Vietnam. By the time my uncles and aunts were 5, they were sent to the bustling markets to haggle and buy food for the family. Sometimes they had enough access to food, and sometimes they had to make-do with what was available.


Many of the Vietnamese dishes I grew up eating, such as cháo long, bún bò huế, and phở bò, were made humbly through resourcefulness, using many different parts of the animal, a way to feed the whole family and not waste food. Throughout lockdown, my mum spent hours in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family, making use of what we had and using the time to reconnect. I spent most of the lockdown with my parents, listening to what they ate growing up, and again, what life used to be like in Vietnam pre 1975.”