Balance I


Truc Truong




Pig intestines, bell, wool, Australia day koala, brass dimpled chain


60 x 100 x 25 cm


Not For Sale

“Ruột heo kho cải chua  (pig intestines and fermented greens) is a dish my sister and I love. It was one of the dishes, and experiences, that lead me to learning about my Otherness, how to live in two worlds, and not ever feeling truly accepted by both.


As a young girl, I quickly learnt how to hide my Vietnamese culture when at school, my strategy of not being teased about being Asian, was to publicly reject what my parents had taught me before anyone could mention it. In front of my classmates, I also agreed that my mum making intestine stew was disgusting! But at home, I enjoyed it and ate it happily, thanking my mum every time she made it.


This work investigates the gut and brain connection, and the importance of gut function as a link to physical and mental health.  What is the value of food, memories, and family when considering the importance of guts? It takes guts to watch your kids grow up being ashamed of their own heritage. Thank you Ba and Me, for giving me the guts to come back.”