About the Nexus Arts Gallery

Welcome to Nexus Arts Gallery, a new digital space for our exhibitions conveying them from their physical home in the Adelaide CBD to wherever you connect to the Internet.

Prompted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent closing of our physical gallery space, this site allows you to explore work by artists of culturally diverse and First Nations backgrounds from South Australia and beyond as curated by Nexus Arts. We support leading artists, at all stages of their careers, to engage and connect with audiences, and to contribute to an intercultural understanding of Australian contemporary arts.

We cultivate and treasure art; we believe in and support artists; and we respect and engage with audiences. We know that artists have always faced challenges with determination backed by resilience, and we recognise that their work is as vitally important now as ever. We strive to support artists to create, and to provide connections for audiences to their artists. This digital gallery is a small, but very exciting, part of a bigger picture, and we are so pleased to open its virtual doors to you.

Our first exhibition, I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE by The.Wamala (Uganda) and Tailor Winston (South Australia), explores the human condition through discussions of sacrifice, resilience, and community connection. What better way to launch this space, in this time?

We look forward to broadcasting from within our four walls to yours, and to sharing the incredible work of a diverse range of artists with you in 2020 and beyond. We recommend you view these exhibitions from your PC, laptop, or other device larger than your smartphone – although you can of course find us there too.

We hope you enjoy your Gallery explorations.

Nexus Arts
May 2020